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   The company was born in 2015, in a wonderful city by the sea, Odessa. The idea of ​​the brand was to help the world become cleaner and people healthier. After all, cast iron and wood are absolutely environmentally friendly materials.

   Our team lives and breathes its business, therefore, our products are the best on the market, bringing benefit, joy and warmth to people who share our love with us! Love for cast iron dishes and wood products.

   Remember how in childhood you ate pancakes prepared by your grandmother in a cast-iron pan. Wasn't that wonderful? We are ready to return you to the past and give the young generation a chance to experience the moments of your childhood, giving you the opportunity to cook the most delicious dishes on our cast-iron cookware.   We actively keep in touch with our customers and people who are interested in our products. Our team will gladly support you with their advice and answer all your questions.   We love our audience and are extremely grateful that you make a choice in our favor, thereby motivating us to please you again and again!

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