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A few unusual dishes in the trend the last 100 years, is experiencing at the present time the Renaissance.
Association of manufacturers of cast iron cookware announces an increase of more than 200 percent of sales during this decade. What is special about this dish, which is virtually unchanged since its inception 100 years ago?
Pots, pans, roasters, waffle iron, grill iron all as good as it was 100 years ago. Not many human invention can compete at such a success story. So, a bit of history of cast iron cookware:


The earliest information about metal casting lead us to China in the 4th century BC. Ancient engineers quickly realized that the metal can be used to make weapons, and for many centuries, it was its main purpose. As improved production efficiency, there are opportunities for making products of arbitrary forms of metal. In the industrialization era of casting processes we have industrial scale.

The current composition of the material used to create a solid cast iron cookware for cooking is an alloy of iron, carbon and silicon, which is heated until it becomes molten. Once it goes into a liquid state, it is bottled in the "cast" or mold of the pot or pan and cool down. Cookware made using this process, the casting is solid and heavy.

Most often it is made of a single piece of metal, rather than the pieces together with bolts, rivets or adhesive. This kind of metal utensils has no seams.


Cast dishes often referred to as the "queen" of cooking products, and reigns among the other kitchen utensils for cooking, along with copper, its more expensive counterpart.

Always maintain a competition, despite newer and more "advanced" products for cooking, which came out at all times, going through their service life.

I have a set of cast iron cookware, is transferred from my grandmother, who is preparing as a goddess, and only fire in her skillet potatoes, we can recall the same taste. childhood taste, mouth-watering meal in the fresh air. I think this pan still keeps the warmth of her hands, and the dishes have the taste of spices decades. The latest non-stick and even some kitchen utensils made of stainless steel does not have this power over time. These modern non-stick coating - chemistry, soft and not durable. It has no place in our stomachs, let scientists study the effect of another 100 years of chemistry in our body, and we, dear friends, we eat food rich in iron. Dishes cooked in a cast iron pan.


Before the first use of cast-iron cookware must be liberally lubricate it with vegetable oil and bake for an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. So your dishes will get a natural non-stick layer.

Before cooking grease worktop favorite dishes vegetable oil.

To clean cast iron cookware can be used any available items and cleaning products, keep in mind - cleaning item can be broken, dishes - no.


Since the dishes can be heated to very high temperatures - beware of direct contact with her skin open. Use special pot holders and gloves.

When serving food to the table in cast iron cookware, use coasters under ware, it can be, for example, a wooden cutting board or a ceramic plate.

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Preheat crockery may redden meat, giving it the effect of a barbecue.



Progress in the field of metal casting has resulted in the possibility to make the dishes lighter compared to its ancestors of a century ago. The low weight does not mean poor quality dishes. Do cast iron products weight is very high, but the best tank can not be the lightest.


The handles may be both-cast iron and wood. Wooden have less heat during the preparation Solid - structural strength.

Ears can be used to tack or hanging dishes, such as over an open fire.

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Cast iron cookware is comfortably placed in the segment of affordable price. These are the things that should not be updated due to new technical and fashionable trends. Things fulfills its price.


Enamel tableware - all the same attempt to "add a little bit of chemistry." Crockery uncoated - very precise tool in your hands. You have the right to create their own non-stick layer, individual, natural, with the taste that you want it.

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We created this dish for you, investing in it all the experience of our masters. Buy a cast iron cookware can be directly from the manufacturer. We have done everything possible to dishes the price was justified by its quality.