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   The biggest pot of the world was used in 2000, Borden Foods Corporation. In honor of the 70th anniversary of the organization Vaylers, which is part of the corporation, in a huge cauldron cooked meat soup. The container fits over 2506 liters.
   Even earlier, in 1998, at the ceremony organized by the "Consolidated Kommyunikeyshenz" full cooked spaghetti pot. The total weight was 280 kg of food. Application for recognition of the all-time record did Venezuelan officials. The city of Caracas was represented by the largest pot in the world, filled with soup. The food cooked in the open air in a giant steel boiler. According to specialists chefs cooked almost 15 thousand liters of soup. This figure surpasses all other records in the world. This soup was enough to feed more than 70 thousand people. To prepare this dish is original, the masters used high pedestal. With their help, they managed to reach the edge of the boiler, to throw the ingredients there. Ready to try the soup was given to everyone.