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Oddly enough, but the stories of grandmothers about the benefits of cast iron utensils were true. If you do not know about the benefits that gives cast-iron cookware, we list


1. First of all, it enriches your iron.

Cast Iron Cookware - it's the only cookware that gives your body iron, which they digest. It stands in a small quantity and mixed with food during cooking, especially if you cook foods such as tomatoes, rich in acids.

2. Cast iron is not toxic!

Cast iron cookware is completely safe unlike any dish with non-stick coating, which release toxic substances as soon as the first scratch, scratching and still appear as if you are careful not to use it.

3. Food is cooked in a cast iron pot, always turns out delicious.

In addition, the pre-calcined crockery requires far less oil when cooking, and the food is considerably more fragrant.

There is nothing better than a cast-iron frying pan to get a tasty crust.

4. Cast iron cookware is durable.

If you properly take care of it, then cast iron cookware will last for generations. You can periodically ignite it and cleaned with ordinary coarse salt.

5. Cast iron cookware is inexpensive.

The choice is huge, so you can pick up any set of dishes, which will serve not only to you but also to your children.

6. Very easy to clean.

Unlike other dishes to wash the iron is not necessary to use detergents. All you nado- hot water and non-metallic sponge or schetka.chugunnaja_skovoroda

7. Cast-iron cookware has been used for thousands of years.

Cast Iron Cookware started to use 2500 years ago. In the 4th century BC, it was invented in China, and later it spread to Europe. In England, she appeared in the 12th century in the United States in the 18th century, and in the Russian Empire until the early 19th century.

8. Cast iron cookware has a non-stick coating.

Properly prepared Cast Iron Cookware has a natural non-stick properties. This is because the pore structure of iron and oil, on which the food is cooked, forms a natural non-stick coating.

9. Excellent quality of heat transfer.

Cast iron cookware is heated very evenly. She is not afraid of overheating, unlike the rest of the dish with non-stick coating: a thin metal, of which it is made, can not withstand heat.

10. A cast iron cookware can be used on the plate, in an oven or in a furnace.

Cast iron cookware can be used in the oven, in the oven, you can safely put on the surface of the oven, because iron is not afraid of the temperature difference.it.