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Production started in 2015. Because it was kind of sad because everywhere you look, everywhere is made in China, or Poland, or something else. And I wanted to stand somewhere at an international exhibition with a quality product Made in UKRAINE) Why cast iron? Because it's forever. But it is safe for health. But because a cast-iron pan, if you become friends with it, it is not just a thing, but your friend) I Made in UKRAINE will work perfectly both in 100 years and in 200. And we give a 100-year guarantee. And that's cool))
We collected a bunch of old cast-iron pans at flea markets and scrap metal, scratched them, fried them, tasted them, carefully studied them and made something of our own. It seems that it turned out not bad. That's how it is. We continue to work)))

And yes! For the second year in a row, despite the war, we are exhibiting our Made in UKRAINE at one of the largest exhibitions in the world, which takes place in winter in Frankfurt. But the most important thing is in the brand hall, together with all world brands. The only ones from all the countries of the former CIS. Little by little, apart from Europe and America, we are starting to send OUR UKRAINIAN pans to some strange cities like Bangladesh or Japan. We have something to be proud of)

But that was exactly the plan)

майстерня мессе 2024

майстерня мессе 2024

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