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Дошка Ø27см для піци, товщина 1,5см

Board Ø27cm for pizza, thickness 1.5cm (8906-1)

SKU: 8906-1

Maysternya pizza cutting board 27 cm (thickness 1.5 cm) 8906-1
Using such a board is a pleasure! This is convenient because the pizza does not get wet on it. There is usually a large plate for such purposes, but on it the dough gets a little wet from the bottom. The tree is not deformed or damaged. The board is easy to clean, you can use a simple sponge and any detergent - no special traces remain on it. It dries very quickly and looks like new even after repeated use. A kitchen cutting board for pizza to everything else and looks beautiful. You can translate it even purchased pizza for a more elegant presentation on the table. Or use for serving cuts and snacks on the table or as a cutting board.

Material: alder
Diameter: 27 cm
Thickness: 1.5 cm

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