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Дошка Ø31см для піци, товщина 1,5см

Cutting board Ø31cm for pizza, thickness 1.5cm (8907-1)

SKU: 8907-1

Pizza cutting board Ø31 cm (thickness 1.5 cm) 8907-1

 Material: alder

 Diameter: 31 cm

 A round board is an indispensable attribute in any kitchen.

 The work surface has a high-quality base, without any inscriptions or drawings. It also has indentations around the perimeter that retain juices and liquids from foods. The board is multifunctional, you can serve pizza on it, as well as cut products or use it to serve cheeses and snacks.

 The board is made of the best materials, which makes it not only beautiful and aesthetic, but also strong and durable. Strong wood is not deformed or damaged, regardless of what you serve or cut on it.

 Don't forget that using a cutting board will help prevent the kitchen from getting dirty and protect it from bacteria.

 We use the best materials, so we guarantee the best quality!

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