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Дошка 20х30см для риби, товщина 1,5см

Cutting board 20x30 cm for fish, thickness 1.5 cm (8923)

SKU: 8923

Maysternya cutting board for fish 20x30x1.5cm (8923)

This cutting board is the perfect solution for those who value convenience, quality and hygiene in the kitchen.

It has a smooth surface and smooth edges for safe use, as well as a thickness that prevents the board from bending. The features a symbol that sets it apart from others to clearly indicate which products you use it for.

Using a cutting board will help prevent the kitchen from getting dirty and protect it from bacteria. After each use, the board should be washed to avoid the growth of bacteria on the surface.

We use the best materials, so we guarantee the best quality!

Material: alder

Size: 20x30x1.5 cm

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