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Дошка 21х13,5см для масла/сиру, товщина 0,8см

Cutting board 21x13.5 cm for butter/cheese, thickness 0.8 cm (8935)

SKU: 8935

Maysternya cutting board for butter/cheese 21x13.5x0.8 cm (8935)
The work surface has a smooth base, without any inscriptions or drawings. The board is made of high quality, well polished, there are no rounded edges, burrs or any defects on the board. It is quite light in weight, has a special loop for hanging. The board is nice and smooth, any products cut well on this surface. It is quite easy to wash after use. The board dries very quickly and you can take it to its proper place.
Material: alder
Size: 21x13.5x0.8 cm

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