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Дошка 32,5х36,5см торцева обробна

Cutting board 32.5x36.5 cm for end processing, thickness 4.5 cm, weight 2.82 kg (8878)

SKU: 8878

Maysternya end finishing cuttingboard 32.5x36.5x4.5 cm (8878)
The board looks expensive and presentable, smooth to the touch, perfectly made. Wooden boards are known for their durability. It is convenient to cook chops, cut large pieces of meat, fish. But of course, you need to take care of them properly. After you wash the board, put it on a flat surface and give it time to dry. It is better not to put a wooden board on its side immediately after washing. Otherwise, it may start to bend in one direction later.
Material: alder
Size: 36.5x32.5x4.5 cm

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