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Дошка 44x32см торцева обробна

Board 44x32 cm for end processing, thickness 4.5 cm, weight 2.8 kg (8877)

SKU: 8877

Maysternya end finishing board 44x32x4.5 cm (8877)
The fibers of the end board are located perpendicular to the cutting surface. This production technology increases the stability and hardness of the board many times over - the blade of a knife, entering the surface of such a board, does not destroy it.
The surface of the board does not allow bacteria to penetrate inside - this makes it more durable, hygienic and moisture-resistant.
Due to its thickness, the board is suitable for cutting absolutely any dishes. And thanks to its weight and shape, it does not run on the kitchen surface, which makes the cutting process faster and more comfortable.
The end board is unique with its mosaic pattern, it will not only serve forever, but also please the eye in the kitchen.

We use the best materials, so we guarantee the best quality!
Material: alder
Size: 44x32x4.5 cm

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