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Frying pan Ø18cm, depth 2.5cm, weight 1kg cast iron Horeca (T101)

Frying pan Ø18cm, depth 2.5cm, weight 1kg cast iron Horeca (T101)

SKU: Т101

Ø18cm, side 2.5cm. Maysternya cast iron brazier

Weight 1 kg

Such a little one for individual submission. The so-called portion. Or, as an option, for your loved one. Eggs for one, fry bread. I fried it, ate it, washed it, WIPE it and hung it on a hook. Well, I put it to dry. Only dry! Cast iron does not like water at all.

A little about cast iron:

Iron with a carbon content of more than 2.14%. If less, then steel. Iron in its purest form! In our case, without any coating (without enamel). Therefore, it can rust if left wet! Heavy! Not to be confused with grandma's old cast aluminum cast iron skillet. The coating on cast-iron dishes is formed during the roasting process (if new). And in the process of preparation, it is constantly updated. But this is not a non-stick coating, as many people for some reason think (because it is black?), but the thinnest polymer film made of baked oil (fat), which protects your vessel from corrosion, and also has hydrophobic properties (repels water). And so that it does not stick, you need to cook with oil. Unless you can bake cakes without oil. So. You can BAKE on cast iron. Because, among other things, it has a high heat emission. This is almost the main advantage of cast iron. The ability to give off heat. You can feel the heat from a well-heated frying pan half a meter away! You will not get a similar effect from other materials. The thermal emission of cast iron is 10 times higher than that of aluminum. This means that the product is prepared not only in the place of contact with the surface, but almost entirely. It is baked. And if you fry pancakes in an aluminum pan, then you bake them in a cast iron one)

General sensations from cooking on cast iron dishes:

My personal I do not claim anything)

1. You have a reliable and convenient thing. And it will not become unusable (like your favorite sneakers, from which the fingers are already sticking out, and you keep them as a memory). You have a lot of memories associated with this thing, and usually good ones))). You have it! You will not need to look for and buy "preferably the same one" every year, because you are used to it, and "such" ones are no longer produced... And you need to try something new, incomprehensible with an unpredictable result. I am a conservative. I'm getting used to good things. It's a bit difficult for me in such situations... Not to mention the fact that this is an extremely profitable investment, 100% annual))

2. You can beat it with anything you can get your hands on: you can use a metal spatula, you can use a knife, you can use a fork, or even a spatula. You won't damage anything there and nothing will lick after that. You can cut directly on the pan. It is convenient.

3. You look at her and you want to cook something. And not because you want to eat, but because it's nice to cook on it.

4. Such things are nice to give. If a person makes friends with cast iron, then he will thank you for another 20 years))). In addition, vegans are also very useful. I gave it to a friend, an advanced yogi, he is so delighted, he bakes some of his vegan cakes on it.

5. And you can also knock the spoon on the side after stirring, knocking pieces of food off it. A trifle, but convenient)

6. And yes, I haven't used any other pans for 15 years, so I forgot the most important thing - absolutely harmless. There are no perfluorooctanoic acids or their "harmless" substitutes.

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