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казан чавунний

Cauldron 12 l, Ø40 cm, weight 13.9 kg. with cast-iron lid-pan grill V12СРГрWok


Ø40 cm, 12 l. Kazan Uzbek WOK Maysternya with a grill pan lid
Weight 13.9 kg
An ordinary cauldron of classical form. The right cauldron. Full radius inside. As it should be. Without a horizontal platform in the middle. And here is the playground outside. You can put it on the stove. Bottom with thickening. The board is slightly curved at the edges. So that the lid sinks and does not drip from it. Complete with cast iron grill pan lid (40cm), which is a great grill in itself)
Variants of 8 l, 12 l and 15 l

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