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Качалка 70х3,3 см, вага 350г

Rolling pin 70х3,3cm (101-031)

SKU: 101-031

Maysternya Rolling pin 70x3.3cm (101-030)
The rocking chair is made from a natural and solid piece of wood. The wood is well polished, there are no roughness and protruding fibers. Importantly! Before the first use, the rolling pin should be greased with oil and left for several hours, this is necessary so that the wood does not dry out. Even if you do not use the rolling pin, try to lubricate it with oil once every two months to extend its service life. It is best to wash the rocking chair by hand using a sponge and dishwashing detergent, then lightly oil it and put it in a dry place.
Material: alder
Size: 70*3.3 cm

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