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MS12 Сумка-переноска для казана 12л

Carrying bag for cauldron 12l (MS12)


A super convenient bag-case for a cauldron
An ideal solution for storing and transporting a cauldron, a tripod, and a bunch of other picnic accessories: spoons, knives, a spatula for blowing coals, gloves, garbage bags, etc.
The capacity and reliability of the bag allows you to load food into it as well.
The easy-to-use strap system provides convenient carrying, making it ideal for outdoor cooking or hiking.
The bag is made of high-quality wear-resistant fabric.
With a convenient drawstring, you can adjust the diameter of the bag and securely fix the contents.
The size of the bag when folded is 23x30x5 cm.

Bag diameter - 46 cm Bag height - 47 cm Weight - 0.317 kg.
Load capacity up to 100 kg

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