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Couldron 6l, Ø26cm, weight 5kg. cast iron T404

Couldron 6l, Ø26cm, weight 5kg. cast iron T404

SKU: Т404

Ø26 cm, 6 l. Cast iron cauldron Maysternya
Weight 5 kg
Cast iron kettle. The bowler hat. It's not very good to call it a "pot", although we still have a pot written on the box) I'm talking about the fact that you don't need to cook soups in it (because it's a pot). May rust. And why? Any ordinary pot is great for soup. It is lighter and does not rust.
But stirring something: whether it's pilaf or crumbly porridge - that's YES! I fried the meat right in it, and then potatoes, spices, vegetables... Well, in a word, there is nothing better than cast iron for stewing/simmering. With enamel inside, of course, it will be cooler, but it will be 2 times more expensive, plus the enamel often flies off. And scratches. It is not good to stir with a metal spoon.

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