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Набір з трьох обробних дошок

Set of three cutting boards (vegetables/fish/meat), weight 1.23 kg 8912

SKU: 8912

Set of three cutting boards Maysternya (vegetables/fish/meat) 8912
Material: alder
Size: for meat 20*30 cm, for fish 20*30 cm, for vegetables 20*25 cm
Thickness of each board: 1.5 cm
The perfect choice for cooks of all levels, this kit helps keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.
The set includes 3 boards of different sizes that can be used for different products and tasks. The length of the vegetable board is 21 cm, the length of the two boards is 30 cm. Each board has a practical handle for convenience, carrying and storage.
Each board has a mark that allows you to select each board for specific products and prevent cross-contamination.
We use the best materials, so we guarantee the best quality!

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