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Сковорода Ø28см, борт 6см, вага 3,8кг

Frying pan Ø28cm, side 6cm, weight 3.8kg, wooden handle, glass lid, T306С3

SKU: Т306С3

Ø28cm, side 6cm. Maysternya cast-iron frying pan with a wooden handle and a glass lid.
Weight 3.8 kg
A large frying pan for a large family. High side. Everything fits and nothing falls out. Alder handle. Soaked in oil. On an ordinary screw with a wide groove. This is so that if you suddenly need to tighten it, then you can tighten it simply with a spoon or fork). Heavy! If anyone has not dealt with cast iron, please consider this. I really don't want to fail to meet your expectations.
The glass cover is the simplest, nothing unusual. Bakelite handle.

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