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   We are glad to welcome you on the official page of the Ukrainian brand "Nasha Mysternya" from Odessa!
We are a company that manufactures products from cast iron and wood. We use exclusively high quality raw materials.

   Our main advantage in the production of cast iron cookware is that we make the thickest product walls in the CIS.Our assortment includes a lot of kitchen utensils for every taste.Brand components that underlie the production of our product:
1. Environmental friendliness
2. Quality
3. Convenient design, which we have been improving over the years
4. Technology

We are selflessly in love with our work and are ready to create for you!

   The goal of Maysternya is to build long-term partnerships with wholesalers around the worldon FCA and FOB terms.Today we represent two areas of our production activity: 

The advantage of cast iron cookware is its incredible heat capacity. Cast iron is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.Cast iron cookware will serve you for many years. Cast iron is not subject to deformation and overheating.

Original design, practicality, ecological material - these are the advantages of our wooden products.We produce various shapes and sizes of wood products.

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