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                                                                                                   PREPARATION FOR USE

To prepare the cast iron cookware for use, you need to do a number of manipulations. But after moments you will get an assistant for many years. To create a protective film, you need to create a protective film.

RECOMMENDATION❗️   First of all, turn on the hood or open a window.

Let's start!

First you need to wash the product. You can use an iron puppy (it comes with the utensils).

Then dry it over a fire and add salt. The salt needs to be stirred and it will take on a dark color. Continue stirring for 10 minutes. Replace the salt with fresh salt if necessary. After that, you need to throw out the salt, just remember that it is hot! Next, rinse the dishes with hot water. Necessarily hot, since cast iron does not like temperature changes.

The next step is to apply a THIN layer of oil and pierce the dishes in the oven at maximum temperature. No need to pour half a can of oil in the hope that the result will be better).

A thin layer of oil will turn into a thin film, which is the non-stick coating. This manipulation must be repeated several times and after each application of oil and piercing of the dishes in the oven, the surface of the dishes should not be sticky. If you feel sticky, then you need a little more time to ignite the dishes in the oven. And only after that, apply the next layer.

Your cookware is now ready for use!)

Enjoy your use.

                                                                                            HOW TO CARE FOR CAST IRON COOKWARE?

Of course, giving flowers and taking her to the cinema is not necessary, at least not necessary. In fact, caring for cast iron utensils is not difficult. And if you adhere to some rules, then there will be no problems.Let's start) ⠀

1.Wash the dishes thoroughly after each use. We recommend using baking soda and a regular sponge. If the contamination is more serious, you can use an iron sink.

2.Do not leave dishes wet. Water is the natural enemy of cast iron.

3.After washing, be sure to dry the dishes and apply a thin layer of oil.

4. The more often you cook in your cast iron assistant, the better! It will only get better and better every time.5.Do not leave food in the dishes for a long time, as it will oxidize.

6. If you have fried meat in a pan, but then want to make pancakes, then it is better to ignite the pan with salt. Cast iron is very odor-absorbing. Unless, of course, you want to get sweet pancakes with the taste and smell of meat)))

If rust appears, do not worry) Just clean the surface with a sponge and bake with oil on the fire) Cast iron products are scratch resistant. It will be like new.